Charis T. Clown

Charis T. Clown

Joey to the World

As a kid, I took after my grandpa, and ever since my college years I have enjoyed working as a Circus Clown, Fire-eater, Fire-Breather, and Juggler. Since 1975, I have enjoyed working with small mudshow circuses and parades, amusement parks, cruise ships, TV shows, and music videos, as well as teaching classes in the "FUNdamentals of Circus Clowning" for Indiana State University for a few years. Sometimes my parrot Gandolf likes to help me makeup, and loves to entertain as much as I do!

I also enjoy juggling with the Music City Jugglers club here in Nashville every Tuesday evening, entertaining by walking tall stilts, juggling, and fire-eating and fire-breathing for festivals, fairs, picnics, and Renaissance Fairs in Tennessee and Gotland, Sweden, as well as going to regional juggling conventions in Atlanta.

In the late 1990's I stepped up my research and study of the difficult and extremely dangerous ancient art of sword swallowing. In 2001, after three years of daily practice, I finally managed to successfully swallow my first sword to join the small but elite group of a few dozen sword swallowers left performing around the world today. While researching sword swallowing, I began to network the remaining sword swallowers around the world together, and with the help of a partner, launched the Sword Swallowers Association International in 2002. Over the past few years SSAI has hosted the annual SSAI Sword Swallowers "Big Swallow" event where in 2002 we set the world's record for "Multiple Sword Swallowers Swallowing Multiple Swords", which we have repeated in our attempts to break those records in 2003 and 2004. For more information on sword swallowing, visit

Lord, as I stumble through this life,
Help me to create more laughter than tears,
dispense more happiness than gloom,
spread more cheer than despair.

Never let me grow so big that
I fail to see the wonder in the eyes of a child
or the twinkle in the eyes of the aged.

Never let me forget that I am a Clown...
that my work is to cheer people up,
make them happy, and make them laugh,
make them forget, at least for a moment,
all the unpleasant things in their lives.

Never let me jeopardize the integrity
of clowndom by improper conduct.
Help me to always be humble and share your love
through my actions as a clown.

Never let me acquire financial success
to the point where I will discontinue
calling upon my Creator in the hour of plenty.

And Lord,
when it's time for the spotlight to go out
in my final moment on life's stage,
may I hear you as the great Ringmaster whisper,

"When you made my people smile,
you made ME smile."


Author Unknown

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine;
but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

--Proverbs 17:22

"We are fools for Christ's sake."
--I Corinthians 4:10

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