WARNING: Sword Swallowing is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and can be FATAL!
Dan Meyer is a professional Sword Swallower and
he accepts NO liability for viewer action or behavior

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    ~ ~ ~ ~ Belteshazzar the Sword Swallower ~ ~ ~ ~     ''The King's chief official gave them new names: To Daniel, he gave the name 'Belteshazzar'...'Chief of the Magicians', after the name of God, as the Spirit of the holy God is in him, for no mystery is too difficult for him'' --Daniel 1:7, 4:8-9
    ~ ~ ~ ~ Belteshazzar the Sword Swallower ~ ~ ~ ~     ''The King's chief official gave them new names: To Daniel, he gave the name 'Belteshazzar'...'Chief of the Magicians', after the name of God, as the Spirit of the holy God is in him, for no mystery is too difficult for him'' --Daniel 1:7, 4:8-9

    ~ ~ ~ ~ Belteshazzar the Sword Swallower ~ ~ ~ ~     ''The King's chief official gave them new names: To Daniel, he gave the name 'Belteshazzar'...'Chief of the Magicians', after the name of God, as the Spirit of the holy God is in him, for no mystery is too difficult for him'' --Daniel 1:7, 4:8-9

HalfDan The Human Dipstick

Cutting Edge Innertainment!
...A Hard Act to Swallow
Never a dull moment
Impossible to Forget!

Dan Meyer with Banner painted by Toni Lee Sangastiano

"He swallows cold hard steel deep into his body...

"...He has a heart of gold, a lead foot,
a wit of tin, and a stomach of steel!"

As seen on...


The Learning Channel
48 Hours Jimmy Kimmel Live Show ABC
Brooks &  Dunn Neon Circus
MTV Live
The Discovery Channel Discovery Times Channel
The Discovery Health Channel The Travel Channel
The Food Network - Unwrapped Superstation WGN TV Morning Show
Upward Unlimited WKRN Channel 2
Armed Forces Network WSMV Channel 4
FOX News
Vanderbilt Medical Center
NHNZ Ripleys Believe It or Not!


DAN MEYER is unique performance artist who specializes in the extremely dangerous and very narrow field of cutting edge entertainment - sword swallowing.

After working for several years in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee, Stockholm Sweden, and London England, Dan Meyer shifted his focus from the field of musical entertainment to variety entertainment as circus clown, juggler, stilt-walker, fire-eater, and eventually, the most dangerous of all performance arts - sword swallower.

Becoming amazed at the feats of fire-eating and sword swallowing, first at an early age while watching fire-eaters and sword swallowers at circus sideshows as a child growing up in Indiana, and later seeing Indian fakirs fire-eating and sword swallowing while serving as a missionary in India, Dan became obsessed with learning the incredible feats himself.

Hearing from a sword swallower in 1998 that there were "less than a dozen sword swallowers left around the world" led Dan on his quest to locate as many of the surviving sword swallowers as possible while mastering the 4,000-year-old art. After three years of research, study, and daily training, Dan taught himself to swallow solid steel swords up to 30 inches long while networking the remaining sword swallowers into the Sword Swallowers Association International.

Described as a "Christian David Copperfield who combines real feats with a powerful message instead of just tricks and illusions", Dan eats fire and swallows solid steel swords, blades, sabers, bayonets, rapiers, cutlasses, and other objects from 15 to 30 inches in length, and up to 8 swords at once. “I enjoy performing REAL feats that people think are impossible in order to prove how incredible the human body really is…” Dan explains.

As the Executive Director of the Sword Swallowers Association International, an avid historical researcher and collector of sword swallowing photos and artifacts, and recipient of the 2007 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine at Harvard for a year-long study he co-authored on sword swallowing published in the prestigious British Medical Journal, Dan is widely recognized as one of the foremost authorities in the world on the history of the ancient art of sword swallowing.

A multiple Guinness World Record holder and one of the premiere sword swallowers performing around the world today, Dan has been featured on programs such as CNN, MTV, ESPN, The Discovery Channel, Discovery Health Channel, Discovery Times Channel, Discovery International, The Learning Channel, Documentary Channel, Travel Channel, USA Network, Food Network, Shocked and Amazed TV, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, CNN Headline News, CNN Health, ABC News, CBS News, FOX News, NBC News, MSNBC, AOL, CNET, MSN, PBS, BBC, CBC, NPR, CTV, CMT, Univision, Telemundo, Superstation WGN, Mancow Morning Show, Absolutely Alabama, Tennessee Crossroads, USA Today, Newsweek, National Geographic, Forbes Magazine, New York Post, New York Times, London Times, Irish Times, The Guardian, British Medical Journal, Scientific American, Science Daily, Amusement Business, Christian Activities, and hundreds of other radio, TV, magazine, and newspaper interviews around the world.

Dan has performed on national tour with Brooks and Dunn's Neon Circus, on international tour with the Celtic Christian pop/rock band Ceili Rain, at Ripley's Believe It or Not! attractions, and at Upward Unlimited Awards Nights and other church youth programs around the US.

Dan and his wife Jewell live in Tampa, FL. The Sword Swallowers Association International includes sword swallower members from around the world (www.swordswallow.org), and maintains a sister site with general information on sword swallowing for the general public, Sword Swallowing To The Hilt (www.swordswallow.com). Dan is available for talk shows, media interviews, documentaries, films, TV commercials, medical demonstrations, corporate conventions, colleges, universities, church youth events, Christian festivals, Upward Unlimited Awards Night programs, opening for major touring artists, and other performances through Cutting Edge Innertainment.


  Dan's Swords

  • 7.5" 19 cm double-edged Basket Hilted Swords
  • 18" 45cm Oil Dipstick
  • 18" 45cm double-edged StarFire Dagger
  • 18" 45cm silver-plated double-edged Dagger
  • 19" 47cm surgical forceps
  • 20" 50cm eight-sided far-eastern Sai
  • 21" 53cm single-edged Cane blade only (no hilt)
  • 22" 55cm British M1907 Wilkinson Bayonet
  • 24" 58cm double-edged Flamberge serpentine sword
  • 26" 66cm Knights of Columbus Sword
  • 26" 66cm Masonic Sword
  • 27" 68cm single-edged Military Sabers
  • 28" 71cm single-edged Pirate Cutlass
  • 29" 74cm double-edged King Arthur Longsword
  • 30" 77cm double-edged StarFire Light Sword
  • 30.5 78cm double-edged Lord of The Rings Sword
  • 31" 79cm double-edged Flamberge Serpentine Swept-Hilt Rapier
  • 40.5" 1m 4.5 lb double-edged Carlos V Broad Sword


As Executive Director of the Sword Swallowers Association Int'l, Dan organized and participated in the 2002 Sword Swallower's Convention and World Record attempt which resulted in 19 sword swallowers simultaneously swallowing 50 swords before world media on August 30, 2002. This record has now been certified and recognized as a Guinness World Record in Sword Swallowing.

On Friday night, September 2, 2005, Dan and 8 other sword swallowers broke the previous standing Guinness World Record by swallowing a total of 52 swords at the same time. This record has now been certified and recognized as a Guinness World Record in Sword Swallowing.

Dan and 8 other sword swallowers breaking the 2002 Guinness World Record at the 4th Annual Big Swallow, Sept 3, 2005

Dan set his own personal record by swallowing 7 swords at the same time which he first performed publicly at the 4th Annual Sideshow Gathering and SSAI Big Swallow on September 3, 2005.

Dan Meyer preparing to swallow 7 swords at once
Dan Meyer swallowing 7 swords at once at the 4th Annual SSAI Big Swallow, September 3, 2005   Dan Meyer successfully swallowing 7 swords at once at the 4th Annual SSAI Big Swallow, September 3, 2005
Dan Meyer swallowing 7 swords at once on September 3, 2005

Dan with 7 swords, Natasha Veruschka with 12 swords, and Matt the Knife Cassiere

Dan has since gone on to break his own record and set his new personal record of swallowing 8 swords at once on January 1, 2006 in Decatur, AL.

Dan Meyer swallowing a 30-inch sword underwater in a tank of live sharks and stingrays for Ripleys Aquarium on May 18, 2007

On May 18, 2007, Dan became the first person in America to swallow a sword UNDERWATER in a tank of live sharks and stingrays at Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, SC. Sponsored by Ripley's Believe It or Not! to promote Ripley's Aquarium's "Pirates, Predators of the Sea" exhibit, Dan swallowed a 30-inch long solid steel sword while submerged 15 feet underwater surrounded by more than 80 sharks and stingrays in 85,000 gallons of salt water. On September 22, 2007 this feat was featured in a Ripley's Believe It or Not! cartoon in the syndicated Ripley's cartoon series in over 200 newspapers in 42 countries, and is being considered for inclusion in the next edition of the Ripley's Believe It or Not! book.




  Appearances and Credits


  Print Media Press



"Amazing!... Incredible!"
    --Jay Crawford, Host, ESPN First Take

"Absolutely unbelievable! Wowie, wow wow wow!
I've never seen anything quite like this in my life!
Those were real knives...
My Lord, that was almost disturbing!"
    --Paul Konrad, Superstation WGN TV

"Wow! ...That's dangerous stuff!"
    --Dan Miller, Anchor, WSMV TV4

"I've seen a lot of incredible things in my life,
but I've never seen anything like this before!"

    --Pat, Cameraman, Oprah Winfrey Show

"That was absolutely amazing!...
(WGN Anchor) Robin Baumgarten couldn't watch it...
She put the entire Chicago Tribune over her head!"

    --Dean Richards, Superstation WGN TV

"This is not a gimmick or illusion -
Dan is the real deal!
It's amazing and a little unnerving all at the same time."

    --James-Paul Dice, WHNT TV NewsChannel 19

"I was shocked when I finally got to witness it...
Hearing about it is one thing,
But seeing it is another!"

    --James Davis, Producer, The Learning Channel

"I have to tell you,
pulling that sword out of your mouth
was the most exhilarating thing I've ever done on live TV!
It was incredible! "

    -Lisa Washington, WHNT TV NewsChannel 19

"Oh my God! This is unbelievable...
You can FEEL the resistance!... It almost gives me the 'heeby jeebies!'"

    --Dana Jacobson, Host, ESPN First Take

"This is by far the coolest story I have ever worked on!"
    --Chris Rattican, Food Network "Unwrapped"

"That was the most fantastic show I've ever seen
in Nashville! It was awesome!"

    --Suzanne Holmes, VP Documentary Channel

"In my position with Ripley's Believe It or Not!
I'm always on the lookout for unbelievable acts. Dan delivers just that!
His poise and humor, along with his boyish smile and amazing talent
really holds the attention of his audience...
along with swallowing swords and pounding nails up his nose!
Believe It or Not!"

    --Tim O'Brien, VP Ripley's Believe It or Not!

"Ripley's has more than 60 attractions in 11 countries around the world,
and they all feature amazing things.
Today Dan Meyer with his underwater sword swallowing
did one of the most amazing things I've ever seen!"

    --Tim O'Brien, VP Ripley's Believe It or Not!

"Watching Dan swallow a sword is like driving past a horrific car accident...
You don't want to look, but you can't take your eyes off it!"
    --Paula Sanning, Jefferson, MO

"The sword swallower was freaky!
My husband said it made his whole body tense up!
He was unbelievable!"

    --Dr. Susan Crisafulli, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

"Interesting guy!"
    --Bob Mueller, Anchor, WKRN TV2

"That was awesome! I was blown away!"
    --Phillip List, Huntsville, AL

"Dan presented a professional top-notch show
that appealed to all ages...The kids and adults
laughed, oohed, and awed with equal enthusiasm!"

    --Clayton Owen, Upward Unlimited Program Coach and
Associate Youth Pastor, First Baptist Church, McKenzie, TN

"Dan's sword swallowing is amazing on its own,
but his sword swallowing mixed with a positive message
is revolutionary!"

    --Pastor Les Jones, New Song Family Church, Decatur, AL

"He's like a Christian David Copperfield,
but instead of just doing magic tricks,
Dan combines incredible real feats
with a powerful message
in a show that is impossible to forget!"

    --Jürgen Beck, WAFF-TV, Huntsville, AL

"Absolutely Alabama is about people who are
of, about, or unique to Alabama;
Dan certainly qualifies because he is not only absolutely Alabama,
but he's also absolutely amazing!"

    --Fred Hunter, Absolutely Alabama, Fox 6 News, Birmingham, AL

"It's pretty impressive -
The first time I heard about it, I thought it was a trick. But it's real.
I've seen him do it several times, and it's pretty amazing."

    --Kevin Allison, General Manager, Honda of Decatur, Decatur, AL

"I was a little nervous that bringing a sword swallower to our church
might turn into a circus... However Dan not only entertained us,
but he taught out youth (and adults) an invaluable lesson in faith,
and turned his performance into a meaningful experience focused on
Christian values and a faith walk with Christ."

    --Ashley Jordan, Youth Director,
Archer's Chapel, Frog Jump, TN

"Dan's performance was one of the main reasons
we raised a record $30,000 for our American Cancer Society
Relay for Life... And people are still talking about it!"

    --Mike Carey, American Cancer Society, Trousdale County, TN


Dan Meyer
"We limit ourselves, but we all have the capacity in us
to expand our horizons, to aim higher, to reach deeper, to go further,
and achieve goals that we never before thought reachable."

      --Dan Meyer, Sword Swallower

  Booking Information

Are you tired of the same old, dull superficial acts?

Why not try some Cutting Edge Inner†ainment that REALLY pierces to the heart?

One of the last true Sword Swallowers left in the world today!

A Hard Act to Swallow
Impossible to Forget!

World-class family entertainment
with a money-back guarantee!

Internationally known Guinness World Record holder with appearances on CNN, WGN, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery Health Channel, Discovery Times Channel, Food Network, on tour with Brooks & Dunn and others.

Right mouseclick to download 3:30 promo video (9M .mp4 file)


Medical Demonstrations, Documentaries, Media Interviews
Corporate Events, Conventions, Tradeshows
Colleges, Schools, Churches, Youth Groups
Upward Unlimited Awards Nights
Sideshows and Canivals
Festivals and Fairs
Cruise Ships
Opening Act for major and upcoming artists

Stage Show

What it is NOT:
Dan's show is not juggling, hypnotism, an illusion or a magic act
where it appears that a sword is swallowed as a "trick" or illusion.
(Dan is also NOT a golf pro, hair dresser or ballerina,
but that's beside the point)

Dan really DOES swallow a variety of swords
and other implements in a light comedic act.

What it IS: Dan performs fire-eating, the human blockhead, and
the ancient art of sword swallowing with just the right touch of comedy.

Some audience members say Dan's show has profoundly touched their lives in unforgettable ways:

"He's like a Christian David Copperfield,
but instead of just doing magic tricks,
Dan combines incredible real feats
with a powerful message
in a show that is impossible to forget!"

    --Jürgen Beck, WAFF-TV, Huntsville, AL

Dan's show is versatile, can be tailored to match your time requirements, requires very little staging space, and can be performed indoors or outside.


All Performances Rated: Gee!   (Grandma to Grandkids)

Family-oriented show with family values
Content appropriate for all ages


Minimum space: 10'x10' with 12' ceiling

Sword swallowing is a visual performance art,
so good lighting is a prerequisite
For indoor shows, one spot and two specials
as well as wash and house lights are required

One wireless mic
CD playback
If necessary, Dan can provide a wireless mic

Home Base
Nashville, TN, and Hartselle, AL

Will Perform
Lower 48 U.S. States and Alaska,
Caribbean, Central and South America,
Europe, Scandinavia, Asia


"Have sword, will travel!"

Fees are negotiated separately per event
based on the specific requirements of the event,
and include allowances for travel and lodging,
as well as a per diem.
A 50% deposit is required to hold all bookings.



More videos available at www.myspace.com/dan_meyer

Press Kit

Dan's Electronic Press Kit

Booking and Contact Information

As Executive Director of the Sword Swallowers Association Int'l,
Dan is widely recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the art and history of sword swallowing.

For information on booking availability for
interviews, documentaries, appearances, or performances,

Cutting Edge Inner†ainment - Click to go to NEW Cutting Edge Innertainment site
E-mail:   dan@swordswallow.com
Phone:   1+ (615) 969.2568

Place a Booking Inquiry Online

Photo Gallery

Manskers Station
Click to see series of photos
Photo Gallery with more photos

Click for X-rays and more photos


The Sword I call My Pride
The Sword I Call My Pride

My saber is my joy and pride
I wear it proudly by my side
Shined and polished, it marks my stride
My sword I call my Pride

I wipe the blade with one smooth glide,
Lean back my head and open wide
Slide it in, down deep inside
The sword I call my Pride

Their mouths aghast, eyes open wide,
The crowd stands gasping mesmerized
No grasp of hazards deep inside
As I release my Pride

Standing there arms open wide
My Pride exposed, it's hard to hide
Discomfort I feel deep inside
While swallowing my Pride

My saber's sharp, hard like my Pride,
The danger cannot be denied
One slight move cuts deep inside
The wounding of my Pride

Which hurts worse, I can't decide:
Cold hard steel or burning pride,
What's plain to see or hard to hide,
While swallowing my Pride

The hardest part, I must confide
Is not cold steel or sharp carbide
The sharpest pain stabs deep inside
As I adjust my Pride

Standing there arms open wide
My tarnished pride gets crucified
As something pierces deep inside
While swallowing my Pride

Their mouths aghast, eyes open wide,
The crowd at last lets out a sigh
As I remove with one smooth glide
The sword I call my Pride

I stoop to put away my Pride,
Wipe it clean, make sure it's dried
Pack up, lay down, and set aside
The sword that is my Pride.

Copyright © 2002 by Dan Meyer
(DanSongs Music [SESAC] / SkanSång Musik [STIM])

"For the word of God is living and active,
and sharper than any two-edged sword,
piercing as deep as the division of soul and spirit,
of both joints and marrow,
able to judge the thoughts and intentions
of the heart."

      --Hebrews 4:12


"He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing;
he does not shy away from the sword."

--Job 39:22

"The sword that reaches him has no effect,
nor does the spear or the dart or the javelin."

--Job 41:26

"He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword"
--Matthew 26:52

"Walk softly and carry a big sword"
--Sword Swallower's saying

"If the sword fits, swallow it!"
--Sword Swallower's saying

"A sword down the throat is worth two in the hand"
--Sword Swallower's saying

"A closed mouth gathers no sword."
--Dan Meyer

"It's not the Sais that count..."
--Dan Meyer

"If af first you don't succeed,
don't take up swordswallowing!"

--Dan Meyer

"Don't you go swallow no rusty swords!"
--Southern Sword Swallower's saying

"Don't run with swords in your mouth!"
--My mom

"Mroowk maw, mngo hangmphf!"
--Me while swallowing a sword

"Cold steel was not meant to be an after-dinner dessert!"
--Dan Meyer

"One must not hiccup while sword-swallowing"
--Richard Cohen, By The Sword, The History of Fencing

"The essence of good performance is that it doesn't matter what you're doing, it's how you're doing it.
What becomes passé is someone doing it the same as everyone else,
with no flair for the theatrical and no care for what the audience thinks."

--James Taylor, Shocked and Amazed

"Sword Swallowers do it to the Hilt!"
--Sword Swallowers Assoc Int'l (SSAI)


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View Dan's EPK Electronic Press Kit
View Dan's EPK Electronic Press Kit

E-mail: Dan@swordswallow.com

Proud Member of SSAI - Sword Swallowers Association International - www.swordswallow.org   Sword Swallowing Info To The Hilt - www.swordswallow.com

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