Yah Mon, I Down in Bahamas

Words and Music © 1980 by Dan Meyer

Story behind the song:
When I first moved to Little Stirrup Cay in the Berry Islands of the Bahamas, I came to enjoy listening to the soft lilting accents of the local "out-islander" Bahamians who lived on some of the neighboring Berry Islands. One of the first phrases that caught my ear was "Yah mon, down in Bahamas everyting is 'No Problem, mon!'..."

As I would walk around my island on the beaches and through my jungle, I would try to imitate the lilting Bahamian accent, and the first word that I really picked up the accent was on the word "Bahamas". When the locals would say "Bahamas", they would drop the pitch down on the second syllable, and then suddenly raise the pitch quite high on the last syllable, almost as if they were asking a question - "Ba-ha-MAS?". As I continued repeating this accent, I began to hear the true musical melody of the Bahamas. For the next few days I enjoyed walking around my island admiring the beauty of the blue Bahamian skies and seas while singing the word "Ba-ha-MAS" to myself with this lilting Caribbean melody, until before I knew it, the entire song had nearly written itself!

Years later, we performed this song on the cruise ship the S.S. Emerald Seas with my island Reggae band, and the ship adopted it as the themesong for Little Stirrup Cay. If you listen to the MIDI file or the Real Audio file, see if you can detect the lilting Bahamian accent in the melody... Just close your eyes, listen to the sound of the waves and the seagulls, and imagine the smell of coconut rum...

Yah, mon, take it easy... everyting cool... no problem, mon...

Words and Music © 1980 by Dan Meyer
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